Stephen Young knows how to create success. From extremely humble beginnings, Stephen was able to earn a scholarship to school, that lead him to playing football, that lead to him playing professionally, and then onto an extremely successful real estate career. Stephen Young is well-known as being a leading success coach, business owner, real estate entrepreneur, a leading advisor, author and speaker. Based in Toronto, ON, Stephen has written several books, sales courses as well as investment guides. His powerful message has been taught around the world, and his teachings continue changing the lives of thousands of people around the globe.

Stephen Young is a well known Real Estate Entrepreneur. His 12 companies span the real estate world from management, sales, developments, investments, capital and of course his academies, that are now known to thousands of students and investors.

Stephen’s published works have helped investors and salespeople, whether they were beginners or advanced, to grow their businesses exponentially as well geometrically.

His combined efforts of large scale investments as well as work ethic and determination have lead him to be in a class of his own in the real estate world. He has become the go to person for his thought leadership, as well as his spin on how to grow your real estate dreams from an idea into reality.


Stephen was born and raised in Scarborough, a suburb or Toronto, Ontario. He is the 4th of 5 children, having two brothers and two sisters. His parents had left the East Coast of Canada when they were in their early twenties to move to Toronto to give their children a head start in life that they never had. They were determined to provide everything their children needed as a recipe for success, and the only thing they knew themselves. A strong work ethic, a humble up bringing, and of course, an unwavering spiritual relationship with God and the Church. These traits were instilled in Stephen from a very young age. Stephen was determined to use his parents sacrifices as a platform to provide for himself, his family, and for everyone who knows him as well as being taught by him.


Stephen is married to Kate and they have three children. Stephen’s parents shared one common goal in life. It was to raise children to the best of their ability. They weren’t satisfied with giving their children an opportunity, they wanted the best opportunities possible, so they sacrificed their dreams so that their children could realize theirs, and in turn, they would be happy living out their dreams via their children. And now, Stephen and Kate instill the same values in their children as they were brought up with, minus the financial burdens. They believe that hard work, honesty, faith, sound education, and most importantly, treating everyone fairly, and with an open heart will be the difference maker when it comes to their children’s success in life.


From his earliest childhood memories, real estate has been Stephen’s driving force behind all of his decisions. All of his early jobs as a student, he worked in the construction trade, first as a labourer, and then onto skilled and finish work, these early jobs helped mould his real estate business. Taking his parents advice, he went to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University. He focused on economics and was turned down by the architecture program at McGill, adding fuel to his fire. While studying economics, Stephen was a stand out athlete for the McGill Redmen Football team. Earning all the top awards, and having a stellar playing career, he was recruited and ultimately signed on to play professional football for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Montreal Alouettes. The highlight of his career was playing against his older brother on three separate occasions. With his dreams of playing

From construction, to design, to sales and now investing and education. Real Estate is the cornerstone of his life and career. Stephen’s blue collar labour jobs and upbringing formed his work ethic, his education in economics allows him to understand the financial side of real estate, his professional football career taught him to go after big goals and his sales career allowed him to bring it all together to deliver the highest level of experience for all of his clients. One thing that Stephen instills in all of his clients is to chase after your dreams and use real estate as the vehicle to get you there. Stephen made a living playing professional football, he made a small fortune selling real estate, but he has built the life of his dreams by investing in real estate, and Stephen continues to pay it forward to each and every person he meets.


In 2010, Stephen Young began forming what is now known as The Young Group of Companies Inc. The first flagship company to be formed was Young Realty Inc. This was, and still is, the bedrock of all the other companies. Young Realty Inc. was the extension of Stephen’s sales business that continues to break sales records each and every year. The Young Group of Companies has evolved into 12 companies, operating in all aspects of real estate from management, development, investments, capital, training and of course, what Stephen has now become known for, education.


Since 1997, Stephen Young began learning about real estate. The last 20 years, he was determined to learn every possible angle. His commitment to learning, and evolving his own education is what has allowed him to guide, steer, and ultimatly coach his clients and students to huge successes in real estate.

Stephen’s teaching style is unique to him and the real estate industry, but the principles of his foundation have been guided by incredible mentors, including Bob Proctor, Jay Abraham, Robert Kiyosaki, Price Pritchett, Wallace T. Wattles, Og Mandino, Napolean Hill, and of course the ultimate mentor, who Stephen guides his entire business after, the late, great, Andrew Carnegie, who was also known not only for his business savvy but for his legacy or teaching and instilling practical, but often forgotten, business and life philosophies.

Stephen has literally surrounded himself with the teachings from his mentors and continues to practice what he preaches. If you are ever hard pressed to locate Stephen, via email, text, phone call, or carrier pigeon, you can rest assured he is in favourite room…his home library.